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My dear Friends!

On the East Coast and on the West Coast. Left-minded and right-minded! Democrats and Republicans! We are all different as different can be, but we are united in one - Remembering the Past we are saving the Future!

I am appealing to all of you! On March 5, Holocaust Memorial Committee is holding its Annual Purim Breakfast.

We are raising funds to repair inscriptions in our Holocaust Memorial Park. The Park is the hub of activity for survivors' community. It is the only place for descendants to come to express their love to those perished in the flames of the Holocaust. But the Park is not a sad place. It is a place where friends meet, a symbol of our memory, love and persistence. The inscriptions (and some are over 25 years old) are fading and crumbling.

We would like all of you to come to our Event to meet good friends, to listen to our sparkling presenters, to enjoy great food. The ticket is $20.00. Those who live far or just cannot make it, can still support us by sending a small contribution to the HMC, 60 West End Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235.

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For further information or to inscribe names in the Holocaust Memorial Park contact:
The Holocaust Memorial Committee
60 west End Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11235
Tel: 646-801-0739; email:

Holocaust Memorial Committee - Brooklyn, New York.           60 W End Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235           Phone: 646-801-0739